Anyone who hasn't tried chiropractic or acupuncture should reconsider their inhibition and give it a shot. I can tell you from personal experience that they both achieve effective results! Especially if practiced in tandem. I was in an auto accident several years ago and never sought out care until, while playing soccer recently, I couldn't turn my neck to the extreme without pain and a "catching" in the bones. I started seeing Dr. Lin and he was very knowledgeable, calm and straight forward about chiropractic, my condition and both of our responsibilities as doctor/patient. I had full relief on the first visit, but it kept returning because of stubborn muscles that had grown accustomed to bad habits/positions. So, Dr. Lin recommended that I also see Dr. Poon for acupuncture to help relax the muscle over time. This worked out great to relax the muscles and she also helped out with some other issues that I was having with my stomach/bowels in the process. The entire staff is very nice and professional while at the same time also very personable and willing to chat about anything of concern or interest in their fields. I will recommend and return to ACE Wellness for all chiropractic/acupuncture needs.

~~ Rocky N. (Seattle, WA)

On three occasions (within the last 24 months) I've had a good fortune of being cared for by the folks at ACE Wellness. As an active person I suffered a lower back strain that caused great pain and discomfort. After a week of aspirin and inactivity I could no longer stand the pain. From the coffee shop next door I limped into ACE Wellness. After taking a detailed medical history and insurance information, I was in an extensive and lengthy interview with Dr. Lin. A physical examination and x-rays ensued, there was also an adjustment then a full explanation of what was done, what is expected and the course we would take to get me back in action. After each visit I was instructed what to do to speed my recovery as well as a course of action to prevent reoccurrence of the problem. Within two weeks and the pain gone, I was back to my active lifestyle. I'm a weekend cyclist and after our initial interview, Dr Lin suggested a series of stretches and exercises to prevent injury and speed recovery after weekend rides. I'm impressed with the staff, the relaxed atmosphere and the depth of their listening. There is also the staff's laser focus on the issue at hand; keeping you informed then fixing the problem allowing you to continue with your life.

~~ Ron G. (Kirkland, WA)

I was suffering from hip pain caused by tight muscles in my leg and around my hip. This went on for two months before I came to ACE Wellness. Before I found ACE Wellness, I went to several different doctors. No one knew what my pain was caused by. I was taking over the counter medication to the extent that the medicine stopped working. The same thing happened to my other hip five months prior. I found ACE Wellness online. There were several in the area, but ACE Wellness had the best website so I called them. I also liked that it was Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy all in one place. I have referred a couple of people to the office because I have liked the people and the services I have received. When I first received Chiropractic services, Dr. Lin massaged my muscles to loosen the scar tissue. He also adjusted my hips. I was treated 2 to 3 times per week. Dr. Lin suggested I also try Acupuncture since my muscles were so tender and sore. He said that it could relive the pain and reduce inflammation. I have always been afraid of needles so I was scared to try it. The first few times I did Acupuncture, Dr. Poon only used a few needles. I was surprised that it didn't hurt at all. Some points were tenderer than others and those points would tighten when the needle was inserted but otherwise I didn't know the needles were in. When she was done, she lets you rest for 30 to 45 minutes and then comes back and takes the needles out. It takes more time than a Chiropractic treatment but it is well worth it. I always felt good leaving. My hobbies are walking around the mall and yoga. When I was in pain, I couldn't walk very far. Going to the mall was hard for me. I am not pain-free. I am able to work as much as I want with no pain afterwards.

~~ Erin L. (Kirkland, WA)

I first found out about Dr. Poon via the internet. I was looking for an Acupuncturist for my husband. He wanted to quit smoking and had used an Acupuncturist in the past. I made the appointment for him. It took only one session for him to quit. He as continued to see Dr. Poon for over a year now for various issues. She has worked wonders for him. I decided it was time for me to quit smoking and so I made an appointment for myself. It only took one session for me to quit smoking. I followed up with 2 additional sessions just to make sure. Dr. Poon is now working on my chronic back pain issues. Lower back, neck, and shoulder pain which I have endured for several years. I have seen a chiropractor for many years on a regular basis but the pain has never gone away so I decided to try a different approach with Acupuncture for pain. My husband I enjoy fishing, golfing and camping. Fortunately none of my aches and pains has stopped me from enjoying these things. I have recommended Dr. Poon to several people for both quitting smoking and back pain relief. I hope that my experience and my husbands will encourage others to try Acupuncture for their many ailments. Everyone in the office is very friendly, cheerful and willing to help in anyway possible to accommodate all your needs.

~~ Judy B. (Kirkland, WA)

I have been having pain on my right shoulder and the base of my neck from a fall in 2000 during ice-skating. I had Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatment before in Porland, OR but did not stick with it until I was totally healed. This time around, I was determined to continue with treatment until I feel 100% better. I have always sought out more natural ways to heal my body. I golf and ballroom dance. The condition had affected my golf swing somewhat. There was not really much range of movement, resulting in less distance on my drives. With ballroom dance, the raising of my arms caused much discomfort over time. Now my drives are longer and when I take a ballroom dance hold, it does not cause much discomfort anymore. I have total confidence that Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments work for me, and I am amazed at the results this time around. Drs. Lin and Poon are true professionals. Their caring and interest in their patients' well being is truly refreshing. I highly recommend them to all seeking treatment.

~~ Elizabeth D. (Kirkland, WA)

The chronic pain and decreased mobility episode of my shoulder started September 2007. I initially sought conventional medical approach by mentioning this to my internal medicine PCP. He did not pay much attention and recommended me to take some over-the-counter pain medications. I heeded his advice and took the same medication for about 3 months without any significant relief in my chronic condition. As I was researching alternative treatments for my shoulder pain, I came across some medical articles as well as television medical shows that recommended alternative medicines such as Acupuncture for chronic pain condition. I then looked for an Acupuncturist close to home and read about Dr. Poon's training, education and experience. I was very impressed with her excellent credentials and her approach to medical conditions and treatments. I am glad that I have been her patient for the last 5 months and I am about 95% back to my original condition. I am more than happy with the results and am pleased to recommend her for any acupuncture-related treatments.

~~ Akil (Kirkland, WA)

I really appreciate the relief from pain Dr. Lin has provided me. I originally came in with lower back pain, which Dr. Lin took care of in two sessions. I did not think anything could be done about my left shoulder pain and limited range of motion. I was on anti-inflammatory medicine for arthritis and had done some individual stretching on the shoulder, but I did not think it would get any better than about 75% range of motion and pain when the limits were reached. I was sure I would just have to live with these limitations. After 4 months, I have almost 100% range of motion in my left arm and shoulder and there is no pain. My back is more relaxed and my golf swing has improved with less tension no worries about pain. Where I had been slicing the ball because I was not completing my swing, I now hit the ball straighter and occasionally with a slight draw as I am able to get through the swing completely. After my previous Chiropractor retired, I looked for someone on the eastside and who also offered Acupuncture as an alternative. I was going to try several Chiropractors before I pick one as a primary provider, but after locating ACE Wellness on the internet and having one treatment, I did not bother to go anywhere else. I am a firm believer in the value of Chiropractic care and encourage others to try it.

~~ Michael H. (Redmond, WA)

When I came into ACE Wellness, I had been having severe lower back pain for almost 3 weeks. By the time I came in, it was difficult for me to get up from a sitting or lying position. I could not bend down and it was painful to walk. I had gone to my primary care physician after the first week of pain and pain medication and muscle relaxant were prescribed. I also tried stretching and exercising. A friend of mine suggested that I try Acupuncture, so I called my healthcare agency and they recommended Dr. Esther Poon. After 5 treatments I felt significantly better and have been able to resume gardening and quilting. I would recommend Acupuncture to anyone suffering from pain. The staff at ACE Wellness is caring and professional. Best of all, Acupuncture is soothing, not painful!

~~ Mary H. (Bothell, WA)

For many years I have existed with continuous headaches and migraines. I tried never to let it stop me from living life, but sometimes the pain was so constant that I was too worn out to truly enjoy what I was doing. I went for frequent massage therapy. It alleviated the pain for short periods of time, but the headaches and migraines would always come back. I had also had surgery, which helped alleviate some of the reason for the headaches and migraines, but it was not taking care of other issues that chiropractic work has been able to do. About two months ago, I began seeing Dr. Poon at the suggestion of my primary care doctor and massage therapist. After X-rays, Dr. Poon was able to show me that my spine was curved to the side in my neck area and that I was also holding my head up with my upper back muscles because my spine in my neck area was too straight instead of curved like a C as it should be. This was the cause of my continuing headaches and migraines. Dr. Poon began working on releasing knots in my muscles and adjusting my spine. I also began using a traction that was retraining my spine to curve, as it should. Dr. Poon gave me stretches and exercises to complete on a daily basis to strengthen muscles that were unused to working as they should and stretching muscles that were contracting because they were doing the work they shouldn't. I especially appreciated Dr. Poon's willingness to only begin work after she assessed my condition. I found this to be a reasonable medical care. I also appreciated Dr. Poon's willingness to educate me about how my body was working and how it should be working. Because the headaches and migraines so permeated my life, I was not aware of how my back pain was affecting my energy levels. After two months receiving treatment from Dr. Poon, I now realize that a person's back is not supposed to be tight and painful. Spinal adjustments have brought a while new appreciation into my life as I enjoy the walking and other activities with renewed energy. I am looking forward to continuing my work with Dr. Poon as I reclaim my body and get healthier and stronger through physical work and increased knowledge. I hope that my experience with chiropractic work will encourage you to go to the root of your physical problems and learn how to strengthen your body, too.

~~ Trina S. (Renton, WA)

Although my wife has been a believer in Chiropractic Care for many years I have always been a skeptic. That is until I was prompted by a repeated wrist problem that was being aggravated by my use of computers. My family has two practicing graduates of the renowned Palmer. When I was prompted to see Dr.'s Poon and Lin by my wife I was reluctant but was willing to give it a try. To my surprise, and with a totally different approach than what I was familiar with, they proceeded to diagnose me using x-rays and modern techniques and then created a treatment plan. Once I started the treatment I didn't recognize improvement right away and a few times it hurt so bad that it almost scared me into not coming back. I discussed it with Dr. Lin and he was very supportive in helping me understand what I could expect. After a few short months of weekly, and a few semi-weekly, visits I began to see dramatic improvement. By the end of four months I was down to a monthly visit with no remaining pain in my wrist. In addition to the wrist they also eliminated the pain I had had in my neck for many years even though at the time I considered it minor I didn't realize how much it had affected me over the years. It is now four months since my last visits. I am in no pain, in the gym full-time, and am in the best shape I've been for 20 or more years. I can't say enough for the quality of care and for the overall experience I've had with ACE Wellness. I'm now a firm believer in Chiropractic care and have completely turned around my once jaded viewpoint.

~~ Bill B. (Kirkland, WA)

When I called your office in Dec 2006, I was desperate. My lower back pain and sciatica were getting worse by the day, and I didn't know what to do. My daughter said that I should try acupuncture again, so I called around trying to find someone who took Medicare. Dr. Lin told me that Medicare doesn't cover acupuncture, but he said that Chiropractic could help me, so I made an appointment. I have multiple problems which were causing the intense pain of my lower back. I couldn't walk very far without severe pain, and I couldn't stand for more than a few minutes. My lower back pain started about 20 years ago. It was livable for a long time, but almost exactly one year ago, my yoga classes caught up with me, and I couldn't sit up straight anymore. I tried all manner of alternative medicines, including cranio- sacral therapy, bio-energetic synchronization technique, homeopathy, and massage. It took a while, but Dr. Lin helped my sciatica so much that I can now walk without pain some of the time, and I can do some of the things that make life more tolerable, like cooking and washing dishes. After a month of Chiropractic care, Dr. Lin suggested that I also see Dr. Poon for the pain. Acupuncture is accumulative and it has helped quite a bit. I am now down to once a week for acupuncture and I understand it is soon to be once a week for Chiropractic. When Medicare covers acupuncture treatments, I will definitely go to Dr. Poon more often. But for now I am working on home exercises and trying to improve my posture. My hobbies of golf and tennis went by the wayside years ago, but if I continue to improve, I might just take them up again. Drs. Lin and Poon are both kind, caring individuals. They each spend the necessary amount of time with you to help you to heal yourself. I am amazed at how up-to- date Chiropractic and Acupuncture are and they get such good results. I hope that my experience will prompt others to try these forms of alternative medicine.

~~ Judy S. (Kirkland, WA)

I first went to ACE Wellness with a hip bursa problem and a painful neck. I dreaded a shot of cortisone in the bursa so opted to try Chiropractic and Acupuncture with hope but not confidence. I subsequently had them deal with a bad knee, lower back pain, and stress incontinence because traditional medicine hadn't helped significantly. I had met Drs. Lin and Poon at Redmond's Curves where a member recommended them. The initial examination was conducted after X-Rays of the spine were examined. A treatment plan of both Chiropractic and Acupuncture was designed over a 6 months period. As a result, I was able to take a planned trip to Europeand walk over cobblestones with ease using walking poles for stability. I had no problem really and at age 81,that is great. Dr. Poon's prescriptions of Chinese herbs have really helped with my stress incontinence. At night, I rarely get up, a big change from 4-6 times I used to get up at night. Both Drs. Poon and Lin seemed sincerely interested in helping in a gentle concerned way. I found Acupuncture to be a surprisingly relaxing and successful experience and recommend you to try it. It is certainly worth trying and I am glad I did.

~~ G.C. (Redmond, WA)

I first met Dr. Esther Poon when I went in for a consultation for my head problems. I had constant pressure in my head and plugged ears that I couldn't release along with nausea and numbness that came and went along my jaw and neck area. I also suffered from LPR reflux, which is stomach acid in the throat and sleep apnea. It made me feel very dizzy and out of sink with the world. I felt great except for my head. This had been going on for over a year and really bad the last 4 months. I had been going to my primary doctor for help and he ended up putting me on anxiety medications which caused me to end up in the emergency unit. I next went to my allergist as I have been taking allergy medicine for 30 years and decided maybe I needed to update my medicine. This was to no avail. I went over to an EENT specialist and asked for plugs in my ears thinking this would relieve the pressure. He then sent me to another EENT specialist who did put the plugs in but it did no good. The pressure was still there. This doctor did however take a CAT scan of my head. My last doctor was a neurologist (I thought I was dying by now). She didn't even do any test and suggested I try a psychologist. I was in her office maybe 10 minutes. By the time I got to Dr. Poon I was a basket case. I had never thought of acupuncture as I hate needles but I was at my wits end. A flyer came to my office and I decided to look into it. It was one of my better decisions. At my first consultation, Dr. Poon listened and came up with solutions explaining that acupuncture could help relieve the pressure of my head and get my body back in sink with itself. She informed me that I would have to be patience because it would take time. I was full of stagnation and mucus. My first treatment started on June 5th. I went in twice a week for 2 months with terrific results. She is a very knowledgeable and caring person. I felt completely comfortable with the treatment and usually ended up sleeping during the procedures, which is 30 minutes. She also started me on Chinese herbs to open me up more. Within 2 treatments I could already feel the pressure leaving. Now I can even blow my nose which I have not been able to do for a long time. I also started seeing Dr. Jules Lin, a chiropractor, for my neck about 2 weeks into the acupuncture treatments. He found that part of the dizziness and numbness by my jaw was a cause from my neck. He worked on both these areas to help relieve my symptoms. They encouraged me to get an MRI of my head. Finally I got an MRI under their instruction and found that I had a tumor on my pituitary gland. Dr. Lin was very helpful in giving me options of what I should do and explaining what was going on in great detail with my glands. He even showed me pictures of what and where the tumor was. He really relaxed me in that regard. It was like having your own private counselor. I never felt rushed. My neck is back to normal. The numbness is no longer there. And of course my jaw is back in alignment too. I can't thank Dr. Poon and Dr. Lin enough for all they have done for me. My head pressure is gone. My dizziness and my reflux acid are gone along with the numbness at my jaw. I feel like a new person and now know what it feels like to be normal and want to do things again. I highly recommend Dr. Poon for acupuncture and Dr. Lin for Chiropractic if you want RESULTS. They both go to great lengths to help you understand what is going on and how they are going to treat your problems. But most importantly, it works! I continue to see both of them on a maintenance basis and will never not listen to their advice. They are the BEST. Another nice thing about both of the doctors is that they don't believe you have to go to them forever. Most Chiropractors have you go to them for at least a year and make you sign a contract. Dr. Lin doesn't do that. He only has you come as needed as does Dr. Poon. I am back to playing golf, staying up at night and having my energy level back.

~~ Sharon B. (Kirkland, WA)

I have been suffering from Degenerative Disc Disease and had back fusion surgery on L5/S1 on March 2004. I was referred to ACE Wellness from a friend who was being treated by Dr. Jules Lin and Dr. Esther Poon. I was having constant pain and was unable to work after the surgery for 1 1/2 year. After receiving their Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments for 3 months, I was able to start working again. Drs. Lin & Poon have gone out of their way to communicate with my PT and surgical team to coordinate care. I have not ever experienced this great of an effort from a care giver. They genuinely care about your health and want to get you better again. I highly recommend this team and have often sent many of my friends to this friendly office. Enjoy them all!

~~ Patti T. (Redmond, WA)

My conditions were mid back pain, periodic sleep disturbances and concern for fertility issues as I have been trying to conceive without success prior to becoming pregnant. The steps I had taken previously to address these issues were limited. The only treatment received for back pain was massage therapy and chiropractic care as I refused to take pain medication. Additionally, medical doctors suggested medication to address my sleep issues that I found ineffective. Nothing prior had been used to fertility issues other than tracking ovulation. I found Dr. Esther Poon when I inquired with my insurance company as to what in network, female, Licensed Acupuncturist provider was located near where I work. Additionally, I was looking for someone traditional. My first visit with Dr. Poon, D.C., L.Ac included a comprehensive interview and assessment of symptoms and physical/emotional concerns. It was recommended to start twice weekly acupuncture treatments to address the back pain and sleep disorder and then to address fertility once my body is ready. A course of Chinese herbs was recommended to balance the Qi (energy) and tonify Yang. Once the back pain and sleep issues were stabilized, a second course of herbs specifically to address fertility was started and I became pregnant. This occurred after only two months of twice weekly acupuncture treatment with Chinese herbs. Due to the high stress of my work in the mental health field, my body tends to hold stress within the musculature of my back and periodically affects my sleep. These issues were well addresses during my acupuncture treatments and provided highly desired break at lunch or end of the day for complete relaxation. Although I work within the field of western medicine, I do believe there are significant limitations within the field, particularly in the area of preventative care. Eastern medicinal wisdom and tradition compensates for this deficit and has significantly improved my overall health and well being! I could not be more pleased with the results.

~~ Shelli, MA, LMHC, NCC (Maple Valley, WA)

Roughly 3 to 4 times per week I would have a headache and I have learned over 20 some odd years to accept their presence because I'm tall, and I slouch, or because I'm a workaholic and I'm stressed all the time or because I had too much salt the day before or not enough caffeine that day. My self headache treatment was threefold. 1. Drink a cup of coffee or tea 2. Have my husband pop my back 3. Take 600mg of some form of pain reliever such as ibuprofen. Usually this combination would take effect quite rapidly but there are times when my husband was out of town, or I'm out of pain reliever so I would not be able to stop the pain, and it would drag out... for days. I started seeing Dr. Jules Lin in May 2005 at 3 times per week. Dr. Lin addresses other pain and concerns that I had such as my posture, and as he worked on my back and neck with extra attention to the areas where I hold most of my tension, my headaches instantly disappeared and wouldn't come back for weeks. I realize that there are all different reasons for headaches, but what I have learned by being under Dr. Lin's care is that if is worth all the time needed to get to the root of the pain. For me the pain stopped instantly and when I practice relaxation techniques learned, I can keep the headaches at bay. Now, when I develop a headache I can call Dr. Lin's office and he can see me that day, I receive treatment and will leave the office without pain. I am very happy and pain free.

~~ Amy P. (Bothell, WA)

I had a herniated disc in my lower back from an injury. At first I though I would be okay, however, the pain had progressively gotten worse in 2 weeks and I was unable to sit, move, or even get in and out of my car without any pain. The only thing that would put me at ease is to sleep and don't move. I first consulted with Dr. Esther Poon regarding my condition and she urged me to begin chiropractic treatment right away to get optimal result. I didn't want to wait anymore so I started seeing Dr. Poon at four times per week for my lower back pain. With the help and care of both Drs. Poon and Lin, I am 100% recovered. My pain doesn't bother me anymore and I was able to go on a vacation after 3 weeks of treatments and am 100% satisfied with my current condition. I am amazed at how chiropractic care gets such terrific results.

~~ Andy W. (Renton, WA)

I have periodically suffered from Lower back and hip problems, mostly because of a congenital condition aggravated by the aging process. About a year ago, it became so severe that walking was extremely painful at times, and I was experiencing pain day and night. Normal over-the-counter pain medications were ineffective, and prescription drugs never seem like a long term answer to me, so I decided to try a chiropractic solution. Dr. Lin at ACE Wellness had been recommended by a friend of a family member.My condition improved from the first visit, and has greatly improved in less than 10 visits. Dr. Lin is entirely professional and always interested in treating and advising you in way that will give you most pain relief. I am able to pursue all physical activities normal for a senior citizen, including occasional downhill skiing!

~~ Mary, S. (Bellevue, WA)

My condition was intense headaches 4-5 times a week. I would wake up with and not be able to shake them. I've tried various medications to bring relief but none have totally helped with the exception of one medication that was removed from the market (Oh Bummers!) Although I've had physical therapy and traction, these treatments were related to neck pain, not headaches. I was referred to acupuncture after a couple of friends had relief from headaches with this treatment. Since I had no idea about how it could help, I admit, I was dubious but willing to try to get help.After discussing it with my PCP she agreed that it was fine to try alternative treatment. It took several months of treatments but the headaches eventually tapered off to 1-2 times a month! What a joy to feel normal again. Since I've recently had some relief with the acupuncture treatments, I can practice and play music more comfortably. Having experienced headaches most of my life with very little relief from medication, I certainly would pursue acupuncture as a treatment. It's been wonderful having several days in a week pain-free.

~~ Dorothy B. (Kirkland, WA)

I love to walk but when I first saw Dr. Lin I couldn't even stand up straight. I'd had a hobble into the examination room, wincing at each breath. I'd thrown my back out by the simple act of moving in the wrong direction. I was fortunate in that a friend who was a current patient of Dr. Lin's made my first appointment. After several sessions I was standing up straighter and after several more, I was pain free. Dr. Lin considers the whole person, not just the most immediate need. An unexpected benefit of my chiropractic visits was his determination that acupuncture might restore lateral neck movement. I'd long made compensations for not being able to turn my head fully to the left. After on session with Dr. Poon I had more movement than I'd had since years before. Each session thereafter brought more movement. Now I'm so happy to be walking again - new neighborhoods and new dogs to pet.

~~ Jennifer H. (Kirkland, WA)

After my office moved awhile back it was no longer convenient to go see my old Chiropractor so I made an unwise decision to put off going in when I was experiencing discomfort & headaches. Then I started getting headaches that became more & more frequent until I was getting them every day. I was taking Advil daily and was having less & less patience with my kids and the headaches just kept coming back. Finally I decided to find a Chiropractor that was close to my new office and I was lucky enough to find Dr. Lin & ACE Wellness. Dr. Lin didn't just immediately start adjusting me... he was very thorough and & detailed from the start. I've been in Dr. Lin's care for about 2 months now and my stiffness, pain & headaches are gone.

~~ Tanya M. (Woodinville, WA)

Two words: Professional and Caring. Is it weird that I look forward to going to my chiropractor? Two years ago, I tweaked my back when moving my bookshelves (the agonies of graduating from college). I live in Totem Lake and would pass ACE Wellness all the time. I looked it up online and saw that it had great reviews. So I decided to try it. My experience has been great! Dr. Lin is a very good chiropractor; he really cares for his patients. I could tell that he looks out for his patients' best interest. The atmosphere of the office is also great. It's not a rush in-rush out service. They really try to get to know you. After a year, my back is a lot better. I still have regular checkups with Dr. Lin. I also started their Wellness Program. I look forward to getting a massage every two weeks. So great! Helps me to relax and get the work-related stiffness (I work a desk job) out of my back. Can't say enough good things about ACE Wellness!

~~ Tirza M. (Kirkland, WA)

Dr. Poon (acupuncture) and Dr. Lin (chiropractic) are amazing...I have had back issues for years and I feel the best I have ever felt!! After going consistently for nearly 3 months my body feels great!! I highly recommend acupuncture for general body wellness, as well as any back pain. Long term, acupuncture is far more effective than massage in relaxing muscles. I love ACE WELLNESS...amazing staff!!!

~~ Susie M. (Bothell, WA)

This clinic is a very friendly place. I found Dr. Lin online just wanting to change doctors to be closer to work. He is very detailed and helpful getting me treated the right way. I felt both doctors in this clinic was very honest and goes the extra mile to help even dealing with insurance agents.

~~ Freckle N. (Kirkland, WA)

Outstanding Treatment - Very professional treatment here. I had shoulder blade pain that several other physical therapists couldn't resolve. After acupuncture and massage therapy at Ace, the symptoms are gone. Many people are fearful of acupuncture because they don't understand it is not painful. It is actually a very relaxing experience. My previous pain had halted my enjoyment of golf, but now I'm back at it. I hope others will see this review and visit Ace Wellness for treatment.

~~ Joe B. (Kirkland, WA)

Thanks Dr. Lin! - About 8 months ago I started having extreme pain in my leg, hip, and back. I went through 2 doctors and 1 physical therapist, whom all failed to diagnose my problem or treat the pain. In other words, they wasted my time, money, and added to the deterioration of my health. Dr. Lin at ACE Wellness not only had a clear idea of my problem after the first visit, but was also able to get me on the road to physical recovery right away. It is very important to know that chiropractors like Dr. Lin work very hard to solve the root cause of physical pain, not just the pain itself where other doctors will often suggest drugs. It has been around 2 months since my first visit at ACE Wellness and the vast majority of my issues have been resolved. Dr. Lin has given me a fully-customized workout plan that will take me the rest of the way without recurring office visits. I can now run, hike, and do all the activities I loved prior to my ordeal.

~~ Johan E. (Kirkland, WA)

Attentive, thorough and produces results! - I've suffered from hot flashes for several years. This year, the hot flashes increased in number and intensity. I was miserable! My primary care doctor tried a number of medications, and then threw in the towel. I researched alternative treatments and found a story about acupuncture. I made an appointment with Dr. Poon at ACW Wellness. She was very attentive, answered my questions and concerns and detailed a course of treatment. I was surprised at how painless and relaxing acupuncture was. I am happy to say that after just six weeks of acupuncture treatments, the number and intensity of my hot flashes has decreased significantly. Dr. Poon is the best!

~~ Jay M. (Bellevue, WA)

Excellent Results - I was having a lot of back and knee pain, and a masseuse that noticed a curve in my spine suggested I see a chiropractor. I had never been, and I am so glad that several people at my work referred me to ACE Wellness. I had tried physical therapy before for my knee due to an old surgery, but had never thought my back pain was due to spine curvature. Dr. Lin converted me to a believer in chiropractic care! My body feels a million times better than it ever has, and I can confidently say it's been from the adjustments and recommended exercises that Dr. Lin provides. I can now stand for longer periods of time, have less overall back pain, and have less knee pain. The best part is it only took a couple of months to get to this point. I would recommend Chiropractic care at Ace Wellness to anyone!

~~ Dacey W. (Kenmore, WA)

Last chiropracter you will ever need! - Dr. Lin treated my symptoms while I trained for a 1/2 marathon and taught me how to keep my back healthy! I have been to other chiropractors and have never had complete relief of symptoms until now.

~~ Kathleen R. (Woodinville, WA)

Acupuncture helped my fertility - I came to Dr. Poon pretty skeptical that acupuncture would help my fertility issues. I was also pursuing every option that western medicine could provide. I hoped that some combination of treatments would work. From the beginning I was impressed with Dr. Poon's attention to detail. In addition to the acupuncture, she counseled me on diet and lifestyle and really considered all the aspects of my situation in her treatment. I give Dr. Poon considerable credit in helping my body heal and build to the point where I was able to become pregnant within 6 months of seeing her. Beyond the acupuncture I received, the entire staffs of ACE Wellness were always very pleasant and prompt in their dealings with me. I highly recommend their services.

~~ Meg M. (Kirkland, WA)

I first went to ACE wellness back in April of 2008, soon after I moved to Seattle from Portland Oregon. I had first consulted with Dr. Lin for an old shoulder injury and then with Dr. Poon who treated me with acupuncture. I then also tried Mariah for Deep Tissue Massage. After treatments over the last eight months, I must say that I'm 95% better than I was. Now, with monthly maintenance and regular exercise, I am managing to stay pain free. I particularly like the bedside manner of Drs. Lin and Poon. They take the time to explain my symptoms. I've been to other chiropractors where they only spend a few minutes with each patient without the care and attention I've experienced at ACE Wellness. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for good doctors whose interest in a patient's well-being is the ultimate goal!

~~ Elizabeth D. (Redmond, WA)

The people at ACE Wellness are all very helpful and caring of people's conditions. I had a horrid weightlifting accident and it has been creeping back into my life on a pretty circular basis. Every time I have worked with Dr. Lin, I've been able to get back in working order rather quickly.He will always do what he needs to in order to help you and never really consider what insurance will or will not pay. They are on your side, and in this day and age of greed, they are worth their weight in gold!

~~ Moe G. (Fremont, WA)

I have been going to ACE Wellness for a couple of years now. Dr. Lin is very thorough and will tell you exactly what is happening. I have a twisted wrist and problem with my hip this year. Most doctors I go to will just tell me to take painkillers and wait for it go get better as long as no bones are broken. Not Dr. Lin! He worked with my wrist to make sure it heals probably and my old carpal-tunnel injury does not come back again. I just started trying their massages services. I've been there twice so far and I liked it a lot, and it's great that Dr. Lin can work with the massage therapist if needed to make sure you get the right massage treatment as well. I'd definitely recommend ACE Wellness!!

~~ Jacqueline T. (Kirkland, WA)

ACE Wellness offers three distinct therapies - chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage - that work exceptionally well together. But more than the therapies working together, it is the therapists who make a difference. The two doctors and the massage therapist coordinate what they do to make a real difference in my overall health and well-being. I have relied on chiropractic and massage for years to manage back and hip pain. But ACE Wellness has gone beyond simply managing pain. They are systematically removing the causes of pain. In a few short weeks I have noticed remarkable improvement in several ways - increased mobility, less stiffness, fewer aches, and reduced pain. These guys are good and the treatments make a real difference.

~~ David W. (Kirkland, WA)

I had tried another local Totem Lake chiropractor and they did little to nothing for me and charged me a lot. I went to ACE Wellness and Dr. Lin literally saved my life. I was suffering from two degenerative discs pain and chronic back pain from a very physically demanding job. In just after two visits, I began to feel some pain relief and went from two visits a week to just ONE visit per month. I can't thank Dr. Lin and his staff enough for what they have done to help me. They are results driven and you will see what I mean if you give them a try. Thank you Dr. Lin.

~~ Paul Z. (Kirkland, WA)

Best place for Acupuncture. I highly recommend going to ACE Wellness for acupuncture. It is working wonders for everything from my locking jaw (TMJ) to being able to sleep peacefully at night. I have seen amazing results in less than a month! The doctor there is very interested and knowledgeable about the body as a whole. She is very kind and really takes the time to listen. It is always a pleasant experience. I leave there totally refreshed and literally no aches and pains at all. With their extended office hours and great customer service it is the perfect place to go without any hesitations!

~~ Denise S. (Seattle, WA)

Speedy Recovery. I went to another chiropractor for pinch nerves before going to ACE Wellness, and they could not improve my health for 4 months. I started going to ACE Wellness for major whiplash after a car accident, and then another rear ended collision during the treatment. They helped me heal completely in 6 months!

~~ Anonymous

I have been suffering from depression for many years and was feeling very irritable and fatigue. Medication has initially helped a little. I have come to see Dr. Esther Poon for acupuncture treatment in February 2005. She did not just only help me with my depression, she has also balanced and strengthened my energy with acupuncture. Now I am drug free and depression free with great energy. I highly recommend Dr. Poon for acupuncture to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life before any issues progress further.

~~ David J. (Kirkland, WA)

Anxiety has been interfering with my hobbies and normal daily activities for quite some time. I have tried taking pills and getting massage for temporary relief of my neck and head pressure. I found ACE Wellness on the internet and have decided to give it a try. After 2 months of acupuncture treatment with Dr. Esther Poon, my condition really improved and my anxiety is gone. As a result of her gentle acupuncture care, I don't suffer anymore. I hope that my experience will prompt others to try acupuncture care.

~~ Olesya S. (Kirkland, WA)

I have been suffering from hot flashes for several years. This year, the hot flashes increased in number and intensity. I was miserable! After trying what seemed like every medication known to mankind, my primary care doctor said there was nothing else he could do for me. I searched the web for alternative treatments and found a story about hot flashes and Acupuncture. I made an appointment with Dr. Poon at ACE Wellness. She was very attentive, answered my questions and concerns and detailed a course of treatment. I was surprised at how painless and relaxing Acupuncture was. I am happy to say that after just six weeks of Acupuncture treatments, the number and intensity of my hot flashes has decreased significantly. Dr. Poon is the best!

~~ Janice C. (Redmond, WA)

Back in 1992 on a flight to Hawaii, I found it difficult to sit for a long time. I had to change my sitting position occasionally to be comfortable on the flight. My career as a nurse did not help with my pain. Since 1994 I have worked in nursing homes where one of my job criteria is to transfer patients. Working 12 hours days that involved non-stop walking and standing added to my pain. Later on I had injured my shoulders, elbows and knees. My job then changed from nursing homes to visiting different clinics. The pain was unbearable where I drove 2 hours round trip to see a Chiropractor in Boston to get some relief. I also tried massage (spending over $120 per session) and physical therapy twice a week for a year. I even went back to my home country to try Chinese cupping and Tui Na. Back in the USA, I had 10 steroid injections by my orthopedic surgeon in the course of 3 years plus various forms of treatments. All tried and failed to give reasonable relief. I thank God for bringing me to see Dr. Lin. His knowledge, kindness, understanding, excellent techniques, and special soft tissue methods made me feel much better just after a few visits. My knees do not hurt after a couple of steps up the stairs or before going to bed; my neck and shoulders would not get stiff or painful easily after I do a lot of housework or read a book or when kept in the same position for prolong periods. I am amazed at how Dr. Lin's treatments get such terrific results. Now I am only seeing once a week for 3 years of pain. I hope that my experience will help anyone else who is in the same situation like I was and with Dr Lin's help can enjoy the wonderful life again and get your health back just like me.

~~ Crystal C. (Kirkland, WA)

Many years ago, I was suffering from persistent neck and back pain along with frequent migraines. My old Chiropractor's treatment plan had plateaued and I wasn't really benefiting from treatment anymore. That's when I discovered ACE Wellness. Dr. Lin is fantastic. He's done an amazing job at resolving my neck and back pain. The thing I like most is, unlike other treatment regimens I have received, Dr. Lin focuses on pushing past the "plateau". His approach is to get me to the point of seeing him when I need to... rather than a rote schedule that doesn't benefit me. When I start having pain, we schedule a series of appointments to address the issue and then work back to a position of coming in when needed, typically every 2 months or so. His approach to treatment is about results and I like that in my health providers. Dr. Poon has been instrumental in managing my migraines. Before coming to ACE Wellness, I'd never received Acupuncture as I have a strong aversion to needles. But I overcame that fear and the results have been amazing since. I used to suffer from a migraine every 1 or 2 weeks. As a result of regular treatments, my migraines now happened once every 2 to 3 months. Through Dr. Poon, I've become more adept at understanding what causes my migraines and have tools to help avoid the dreaded migraine. My quality of life is greatly improved since I became a patient at ACE Wellness. My pain is lessened, and when I have pain or a migraine, I know I can get in to see either Dr. Lin or Dr. Poon quickly. I continuously recommend Dr. Lin and Dr. Poon to all my friends who find their current treatments (or lack thereof) is no longer working. I've found no netter team to keep me healthy.

~~ Brian G. (Kirkland, WA)

I have been going to ACE Wellness for acupuncture treatment for about 2 years now and have loved it and felt a difference. Everyone there is very friendly and genuinely wants to help you feel better. Acupuncture has helped from my sports injuries to sleeping better to my everyday aches and pains. I love going there to ACE Wellness and would recommend it to anyone!

~~ Abagail O. (Kirkland, WA)